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Upset About Your Shopping Addiction, But Can’t Afford to Quit?

Are you feeling out of control with your spending? Regretting something you’ve bought, even before the credit card bill arrives?

Have you known that you need to do something about your problem, but haven’t known where to turn? Maybe you’ve looked into coaching or psychotherapy before, but haven’t been able to afford it.

You might be interested in this new program:

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Our Text Messaging Program Can Help With Your Shopping Addiction

For the last year, we’ve been developing a text-messaging program to help people like you who are struggling to get their addiction under control. In initial tests of the program, we’ve received extremely positive feedback from our beta testers. We are confident that you’ll benefit from the program, too!

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Currently, this program is only available for U.S. and Canada cell phone users.

Note: The purchasing page asks for issue number and start date in the debit card tab. These fields aren’t mandatory, so you do not have to fill them out.

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Why This Program Is Different

We are so excited about this program. Not only is it more affordable than other types of shopping addiction help, it’s also available anywhere, anytime. Our program is the first interactive text messaging program to help people stop overshopping and overspending.

Text messaging programs have been shown to help people with smoking cessation, cut down on their use of alcohol, and ameliorate other impulsive and compulsive behaviors.

When you begin the program, you answer a series of questions that allow us to personalize the text messages that you receive. This ensures that we send you messages that will specifically help you in the areas that you struggle most.

You’ll be receiving texts that are informational, directive, benefit-oriented, motivational, and inspirational.

We’re there with you multiple times per day, helping you to stay mindful of what you’re doing this for and why it makes sense for you to change, and offering various types of advice about how best to go about changing. The texts will motivate you to make it through the hard stuff without falling prey to urges to overshop or overspend, and come out a stronger and more skillful you.

How Much Does This Cost?

The cost of this program is only $39.95 for three months. Isn’t it worth the cost of ten grande lattes to find out if this could make a huge change in your life?

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Currently, this program is only available for U.S. and Canada cell phone users.


You May Think This Sounds Hopeful, But Still Have Some Questions:

I’ve tried to stop so many times. Why will this be different?

These texts will feel like they’re reminders coming from very good friends. You’ll be able to reach out and ask for help whether you are experiencing an impulse to shop or you have actually started to shop or spend. We will check in with you later to see how it is going.

How can text messaging really help with any meaningful change?

Study after study shows you’re much more likely to go to the gym if you have a friend to go with and be accountable to. Same with going to doctor appointments. You’re much more likely to go if you’re reminded. The same concept is built into a text messaging program. Text messaging reminders significantly increase positive health behaviors in multiple arenas, including diabetes self management, smoking cessation, and weight loss. Those who begin the journey to a healthier life are more likely to continue with the program when text messaging is used. The key to a successful text messaging program is tailoring and interactivity, both of which this program incorporates.


How Can You Get Started?

In order to be one of the first to receive the benefits of this new program, simply click the I’m Ready to Start!

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 8.50.58 PM

Currently, this program is only available for U.S. and Canada cell phone users.