Shopping Addiction Therapy Group Program

The Stopping Overshopping Group Program

The Stopping Overshopping Group Program is a comprehensive 12-week shopping addiction therapy experience designed to teach specific skills, tools, and strategies to help you eliminate overshopping. Group coaching offers a powerful, time-tested combination of peer support, encouragement, and feedback under the guidance of a trained professional. The presence of others with the same addiction helps members bear their isolation, failure, guilt, and pain, and greatly reduces their fears of judgment and humiliation. Further, shopping addiction therapy group coaching helps break through the denial of the destructive behavior, leading to awareness rather than avoidance of the problem. The group fosters hope: members share triumphs and disappointments and grow from both. Highly supportive, the group has educational and experiential components and includes homework and goal setting each week.

We offer the Stopping Overshopping Group Program in two formats: telecoaching for people that don’t live in the New York metropolitan area and in-person group therapy for people that do live in the New York metropolitan area.


  1. I am a shopaholic and cannot stop without help

  2. HI,

    Is there a support for parents for adult child who have shopping problem?


    • Dear Jan,

      I see that I never responded to your comment from last year and I apologize. It feel through a crack and I never saw that I hadn’t responded until now. The best answer I have for your question is that Al-Anon can support the parents of an adult child who has a shopping problem. I’m afraid that there isn’t anything else that I know that is more targeted. This is still a problem for which there are woefully few resources and hopefully in the future, that will change.

      On my website, there is a blog category that is for friends and family. That may be of help.

      Warm regards,
      April Benson

  3. Chris Adams says:

    send me info on how to take the 12 week program.

  4. Victoria Schless says:

    Are there any resources in Chicago?

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