The Ethics of Overcoming Shopping Addiction

Overcoming overshopping does not only bring individual relief; it’s great for the whole world. In a recent article titled Everyday Ethical Changes Every Person Can Make for a Better World in 2016,  online news outlet Quartz has listed spending less as one of the top ways to make more ethical choices. Spending less is an ethical change almost all of us can stand to make. Through keeping our possessions for longer, repairing and recycling clothes instead of throwing them away, and, of course, shopping mindfully you’re doing something that benefits all of us. To read more click here

Are You Losing the “Rewards Game”?

We live in a world where it is now common practice for airlines, hotels, and even credit cards to offer us perks to encourage us to spend money.   Using these programs may not always be as good of an investment as they seem. While healthy use of a reward program can be smart and effective, many people find themselves instead struggling against the pull of the “rewards game” and dangerously overspending.  To learn more, click here.